I want to take you
on road trips
and hold conversations
under the big blue skies.
I want to drive endlessly
down empty roads
in the middle of the night,
park in the middle of nowhere
so we can watch the stars shine.
You are the only one
that can call me at 3 AM
and I will be more than okay with it
for I would rather
hear your voice than
catch up on episodes that I’ve missed.
Because when it comes to you
the pieces just seem to fit.

I can see galaxies in your eyes
and hear waves crashing onshore
whenever you speak.
And I wish to tell you
that I think the one for you,
is me.

Ming D. Liu, A Story A Day #81 (via ccc0urtney)


I’m one of those people who likes the little things, like holding hands. It’s so simple and yet so fulfilling. Whether it’s walking around, to driving in the car, or even when you’re laying down together. When your fingers are just interlocked and one of you squeezes a little tighter. Or when they slowly run their thumb up and down the side of your fingers. For something so small and insignificant, it can leave chills throughout your whole body for hours.



Being in love is the best and worst feeling in the world. At times it can feel like a fairytale. But its also very scary because you know that the person you have fallen in love with can destroy you at any moment. Being in love is such an amazing feeling. You know you have someone you can be 100%…


call me super glue cause holy shit do i get attached

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